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Dia 160 mm

We feel proud to present our new product range trivet group to our clients which can be applied completely without any design change on the ceramic glass and metal table tops of freestanding or built-in ovens, cookers and stoves. The all designs of every size trivets matches completely with our gas burner system fixing dimensions. The production of customer demand trivet models is also possible.
We are using a special welding technology to join together the semi-components of our trivets. Thanks to our special metalurgical method that permits no using of any additional welding material in process for formation of homogeneus metalic molecular structure to reach high damage endurance. They are plated with high corrosion and temperature resistant enamel.
The support plates of our trivets can be manufactured with using of two different raw materials according to request of our clients as stainless steel for direct use or low C steel and enamel plating is applied.

Dia 200 mm


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